ICE (Initiative in Christian Education) was established in Exeter in 1989 to work within schools in and around the city. Their purpose is to assist the local body of schools by providing character education programs, all of which support the national and local syllabus and government guidelines.

ICE Torbay is a franchise partner of ‘Exeter ICE Charitable Trust’ and was established in 2013 to work with primary schools in and around Torbay.

Nick Pitt, Christine Hargreaves and Hazel Bennett are Schools Workers for ICE Torbay and work closely with volunteers from local churches to offer one-off or regular activities to primary schools, including:

  • Lunchtime Clubs
  • RE Workshops
  • Transition Lessons for Year 6 children

Hazel Bennett is also the ‘Open the Book’ Coordinator for Torbay.

We currently work regularly with 15 primary schools in and around Torbay and our activities enable us to talk with hundreds of young children about the Christian faith.

As an outside organisation operating in schools, staff and volunteers of ICE Torbay are familiar with the Government PCfRE guidance for visiting schools.

If you would like to know more about ICE Torbay, get involved in our work or invite someone from ICE into your school, please click on CONTACT to get in touch.

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