Prayer Spaces

ICE Torbay have been running  ‘Payer Spaces in Schools’ projects for a number of years. Along with offering Christmas and Easter Prayer Spaces, we also offer themes which link to many of the commonly cited ‘school values’, or  (‘Christian Values’ for C of E schools). These include; Friendship, Love, Thankfulness, Kindness and Compassion, and enable children to further explore the meaning of each in a fun and exciting way. The project links with RE curriculum objectives by enabling children to interact with questions of meaning; thinking about why prayer is important to Christians and reflecting on what prayer means for them. Prayer Spaces enable children to explore faith and spirituality from a Christian perspective in a safe, creative and interactive way.

Members of the ICE Torbay team would setup 3 or 4 prayer stations in either a classroom or hall space, then invite a class in to visit these stations and take part in a variety of activities. Allowing for a little over an hour per class, we tend to offer these activities to either one or two classes during a morning.

Some pictures from our Christmas 2017 Prayer Spaces:


For more information on Prayer Spaces in Schools, ​please visit their website.

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